This section provides answers to frequently asked questions, grouped by general subject.


What is a PID?
Background PID stands for Property Improvement District.
Who manages the PID?
Manager The Advisory Board works with the PID Manager.
Does the Advisory Board hold meetings?
Meetings Yes. See the meetings page, which provides the schedule, agendas and minutes.
What services does the PID provide?
Examples Services concern PID public property.

Garbage, Recycling, Bulk Pickup and Trash/Waste Services

What services does the city provide?
Services Visit the city solid waste page for details about all the waste services provided. City of Fort Worth curbside garbage and recycling services are provided by Waste Management and Knight Waste Services (or as noted on the city's web page).
When is my garbage/trash pickup day?
Collection Get the Garbage and Recycling App for your smartphone.
What can be placed in my brown cart?
Garbage Visit the city garbage collection page.
What can be recycled in my blue cart?
Recycling Visit the city recycling web page.
What about bulk waste collection?
Bulk Pickup Visit the city bulk waste collection page.
Can yard waste be recycled?
Yard Waste Visit the city yard trimmings page.


What is the vacation watch?
Details PID 6 residents can ask the PID 6 Patrol to check their property while on vacation. See the details for specific conditions and restrictions.
Do I need permission for a home improvement?
Details Also known as ACC Requests, approvals are managed by your Homeowner Association.
Can I put signs in my yard or on poles?
Regulations Signs on light poles (or other service poles) are not permitted. Yard signs are allowed only if they do not advertise products or services. See the regulations for specific details.
Can I display flags?
Contact your Homeowner Association.

View If displaying the U.S. flag, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations for its display.
What are property modifications?
Details Also known as ACC Requests, approvals are managed by your Homeowner Association.
What are deed restrictions?
They are part of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (or Declaration of Condominium) that you agreed to when you bought your home. Your Homeowner Association is responsible for deed restrictions.
Where do I get a resale/finance certificate?
Details Contact your Homeowner Association or its Property Manager.
Where do I submit an ACC Request?
Details Contact your Homeowner Association.
Where do I send suggestions?
Request Send a request for landscaping/parks improvement.

Email General suggestions can be emailed to the PID Manager.


What can I do about my neighbor's barking dog?
Barking See PID 6 Contacts, Barking Dogs and/or read the complaint procedures.
Who do I contact about sprinkler problems?
Email On PID 6 public property, not resident's property, phone 817-380-7003.
Emergency/After Hours: 877-378-2388 – let operator know it's for PID 6
Where do I send complaints about PID property?
Request Landscaping and parks complaints can be sent via an improvement request.
Who do I contact about PID problems in general?
Email Lillian Collins: 817-953-2729
Emergency/After Hours: 877-378-2388
My problem is not listed... what now?
Contacts See PID 6 Contacts.


How much are my property taxes?
Details Taxes are based on your property assessment.