Property Facts

The PID manages the public property areas whereas the neighborhood homeowner association manages the deed of restrictions that pertain to the homeowner's private property. Normally, the homeowner association contracts with a property management company to manage the daily operations.

Property Modifications (ACC Requests)

Property modifications concern property repairs and/or changes to the homeowner's property. These must be approved by your neighborhood homeowner association. ACC request forms are available from your homeowner association. If you live in Park Place, contact the Park Place Neighborhood Association. If you live in Park Glen, contact the Park Glen Neighborhood Association.

Property Certificates

Property certificates that may be required by a mortgage lender are available from the property management company that serves your homeowner association. If your homeowner association has a website, you can likely find details there. Examples are Park Glen and Park Place.


Neighborhoods that comprise PID 6 are Park Bend, Park Glen, Park Place, Parkway at Park Glen, Parkway Hill, Parkwood Estates, Basswood Park, Summerbrook and the Villages of Parkwood Hill.