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For information about upcoming lane closures and traffic-related news along NTTA roadways, view Scheduled Lane Closures on the NTTA website or call 817-207-0184.

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Snakes in ParksNew

Park patrons may observe snakes at some point due to the wet conditions and hot sunny weather. Please be careful and observant of snakes while in the park.

There are areas that have high populations of snakes such as close to farms and creeks. Snakes tend to go where they will be able to find plenty of food. Farms, creeks, ponds and lakes offer sheltering opportunities for snakes. The aforementioned areas have an abundance of insects and rodents that the snakes can easily use for food. You won’t usually find snakes in places where there are lots of people and lots of movement (trails, playgrounds and etc). This is because they have to depend on the vibrations to pick up movements. In areas where there is constant movement it would be too confusing and overwhelming for them to be able to detect threats or food resources in their natural environment; therefore, it is not likely for snakes to attack.

Flooding Rains Continue to Erode Multi-Year Drought in PID 6

Numerous rain events this spring have added considerable water to many area reservoirs. Just 3 months ago, the water supply lakes for Dallas and Fort Worth were collectively less than two thirds full but are now over 95% capacity. Rainfall totals were well above normal across nearly all of North and Central Texas. From January to April (NOT including precipitation received in May) the PID has received approximately 16.09 inches of rain, doubling last year’s total for this time of the year. With that being said the growing season within the PID is in full swing. Perennials, including warm season grasses, can effectively hold moisture long after rain events. Therefore making it extremely hard for our landscapers to complete the daily operations within the PID. Green vegetation holds moisture, the evapotranspiration of which also reduces the available solar energy. Vegetative ground cover also blocks the sun's rays from baking the ground. While the landscapers continue to fulfill the contractual obligations any turf on a slope or near a body of water can potentially pose a safety issue for those workers on that piece of equipment or damage to the turf (ex: tire ruts). This is the reason you may see the landscape crew in the PID completing work while leaving turf untouched when normally that would be an area that would be taken care of under different weather conditions.

Board Advisory Board Vacancy

DistrictsOn April 15, 2015, a current District 7 Advisory Board member for PID 6 resigned. Anyone owning a lot within this area is eligible to serve on the Advisory Board. Interested individuals should submit their letter of intent and resume to the email or address below no later than May 22, 2015. FirstService Residential along with the current Board member will review the application and make recommendations.

FirstService Residential Website
Suite 200
1240 Keller Parkway Map
Keller, TX 76248-1630
Fax: 817-380-7011

Basswood Drive Bare Spot Project

Basswood Photo Basswood Photo The PID along with the Brickman Group is currently testing a spot of sod along Arcadia Trail (entrance of Arcadia Park). This area was seeded with fescue and if this area proves to be successful during the heat of the summer we will begin to seed a section of Basswood. This approved $7,000 fescue project for the bare spots along 1000 feet of Basswood will begin in late September/early October.

Affected Areas Park Glen Sidewalk Replacement

Park Glen

Park Glen Neighborhood Association has been notified by the City of Fort Worth that, as a result of the 2014 bond issue passed by tax payers, they will soon start replacing selected sidewalks in Park Glen. As part of the replacement project, trees associated with the identified sidewalk will be removed and WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

We’ve provided here, a list of the planned affected areas. Please pass this very important issue along to your neighbors.

Fence Repairs

FencingI would like to thank each and every one of you for your patience during the winter months while we put a hold on fence repairs and repainting. Spring is upon us and now it is time to get busy, back to making improvements to the PID fences.

We will start off the spring season with a complete replacement of 830 feet of fence in Arcadia Park. This complete replacement will take place in the next couple of weeks (weather permitting). We have several other areas that have also been identified such as fencing along Redwood and the fencing south of Basswood on Park Vista, these are tentatively scheduled for June and July.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

EmailSusan Law
PID 6 Manager

Report ATV and Dirt Bikes in the Parks Report

ATV Over the last few months the number of complaints about ATV and dirt bikes being ridden in the parks has sky rocketed. It seems, “Monkey see, Monkey do”, has taken place. When others see what seems like harmless fun, it is natural to want to go out and have a little fun too. Don’t get me wrong, I can see how at first glance it appears harmless. I mean after all, it’s just grass right?

Dirt Bike

First, I must point out that riding any motorized vehicle in any city park, without written approval from the City of Fort Worth’s Parks Department, is illegal and fines can be up to $500.00. The city will approve motorized vehicle in the parks for public events, such as the fireworks show or when needed for repairs or maintenance. In other words, the city will NOT approve riding for “fun”. Riding on the grass damages the turf, creates ruts – which creates hazards for those enjoying the parks as intended, on foot; not to mention the occasional damage to irrigation systems’ sprinkler heads. Even more important is the safety considerations for pedestrians in the area (as well as the rider). It is not uncommon for an ATV or dirt bike being ridden on the public street (to and from the parks) to collide with a motor vehicle. Usually serious injuries occur to the ATV/dirt bike rider and some are fatal. I should pointed out that golf carts or similar type vehicles are NOT authorized on the city streets or public parks within the PID6 boundaries either.

Make no mistake, damage is being done and it can be costly to repair. Grass will be replaced. Ruts filled in. Damaged sprinkler heads switched with new ones. All this cost YOU, the residents of PID6 extra money or money that could have been spent on other items for the community.

Most of you know I retired from the Fort Worth Police Department after thirty years of service and having worked for more than twenty years in the PID. That experience allows me to reach two assumptions. First, 99% or greater of all ATV and dirt bikes being operated in the parks belong to a resident within or very close to the PID. Second, neighbors who live next to those that do operate their ATV/dirt bikes in the parks know who they are. After all, most dirt bikes and ATV are not what one would call quiet. In fact, often you can hear them before you can see them.

What I am asking is those resident who are aware of others operating a dirt bikes or ATV in the park OR on public roadways to email me. By sharing the offenders address with me I will do my best to see that the offender is made aware that his or her activity is illegal. Before anyone cries “BIG BROTHER” please understand that I will pass along the address to the officers that patrol for PID6 and ask that they stop by the location and educate the resident that ridding the ATV/dirt bike on public roadways and/or in the park is illegal and subject to being ticketed. It is intended to be a very friendly contact.

NO TICKETS will be issued by a resident reporting a violation UNLESS the officer sees for themselves that the ATV or dirt bike is being operated on the roadway or in the park. The purpose is to EDUCATE the resident, PREVENT any more damage and to AVOID any citations from being issued. Please contact me – I will not share your email information, name (if given) or any other identifying information with anyone, not even the officers. For those of you that have a difficult time reporting a neighbor, think of it this way, you just might be saving them $500 in fines.Contact

Events Water Conserving Plant Sale

Member cities of the Texas SmartScape™ program and participating retailers have partnered to offer you great savings on select varieties of low-water-use plants that thrive in the Texas heat. Come to one of our plant fairs and get a great deal on select native and adapted plants! You’ll also have the opportunity to talk with a master gardener, plant expert, or irrigation specialist and get ideas and tips for landscaping in North Texas. We’ll have fun events for kids too! Find out more by using the Events button above.

Water Scam Alert

Code Compliance

Residents Warned To Be Wary of Persons Posing as Water Department Employees

The Fort Worth Water Department advises residents to be suspicious of individuals posing as Water Department employees via the phone. This week the department received several complaints from customers indicating they were called by people posing as water employees. In all instances, Spanish- speaking customers were targeted.

All cases involve a man calling a customer to request payment for an overdue utility bill. The customer is told to get a money pack card from a local retailer for the specified amount and to then call a certain phone number to make the payment. Customers were also told they had a very short time frame to do this or the water would be disconnected. Individuals falsely claiming to be city employees are committing fraud.

Residents should call 817-335-4222 immediately to report the incident to the Fort Worth Police Department. The Water Department would also like to be called at 817-392-4477 to be made aware of these occurrences.

The only phone number to call for making payments to the Fort Worth Water Department is 817-392-4477. The secure system is automated and payment information is not provided to a live individual. The water department uses door tags to provide 24-notice to customers when water service is scheduled for disconnection for past due balances.

View Barking Dogs Barking Dogs Complaints

What can be done when the neighbor's dog barks excessively? The PID 6 Representative has provided a set of procedures to help with the problem.

Guidelines Suspicious Activity Awareness

It can be difficult to determine when to report something suspicious. People most familiar with a given environment are in the best position to determine whether or not something is out of the ordinary. Use common sense and read the guidelines.

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