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Visit the North Tarrant Express website for information about lane closures and traffic conditions that affect travel around our community.

For information about upcoming lane closures and traffic-related news along NTTA roadways, view Scheduled Lane Closures on the NTTA website or call 817-207-0184.

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The PID 6 August, September and October 2015 income statements are available.

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The November newsletter from the FWPD North Division is available.

Fence Updates

FencingWork has begun on the first phase of the fence project along Silver Sage. Utility markers are being placed this week and as long as we do not have rain delays, the vendor will begin replacement of all fences in this area immediately.

Two additional sections including Basswood (South) and Grand Teton have been rebid and we expect to have approval to begin those areas within the next two weeks.

The PID fence conditions will continue to be prioritized based upon level of aesthetics and cost of repair throughout the PID. The Advisory Board is aware of the current fence conditions and has identified several areas that are in need of immediate repair. We hope to be making repairs/replacement to the area as soon as possible. Please understand that the safety and appearance of the fencing throughout the PID is a top concern.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

EmailRobin Willits
PID 6 Manager

Landscaping Updates

The new landscape company is in the process of completing a comprehensive inspection of our irrigation system as well as making repairs daily. We have already been receiving positive feedback regarding their progress in mowing and clean-up of all the park areas. They will be continuing to address all areas of concern and will present a future plan for improvement recommendations to the board for review and approval.

Please know that we will continue to work diligently to correct any and all concerns and immediately address the quality repairs that need to be made. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

View Barking Dogs Barking Dogs Complaints

What can be done when the neighbor's dog barks excessively? The PID 6 Representative has provided a set of procedures to help with the problem.

Guidelines Suspicious Activity Awareness

It can be difficult to determine when to report something suspicious. People most familiar with a given environment are in the best position to determine whether or not something is out of the ordinary. Use common sense and read the guidelines.

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