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Fence Repairs

FencingCurrently all the PID fence repainting/repairs are on hold. We will resume repairs and update the website with the next area scheduled for repairs starting spring. Should you have questions please contact:

Susan Law
PID 6 Manager

If you have a PID 6 fence on your property and have allowed vines or other plant material to grow over it, please remove it promptly. It is impossible for us to properly maintain the fences when they are covered with any type of plant material. We are planning a clean-up of all PID 6 fences and will begin repairing/repainting in the near future and if you value the plant material that covers the fence, it would be best for you to remove it yourself rather than have us do it for you.

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Game Room Lawsuits

Escape Planning

Councilmember Danny Scarth issued the following timely statement about the recent Game Room Lawsuits:

“We understand that two separate lawsuits have been filed against the city regarding our new ordinances established to help us fight illegal game rooms. Although such challenges are disappointing, they are not unexpected. Change is never easy, and while there may be a legal battle ahead, itís one worth fighting in order to protect the safety and sanctity of our neighborhoods.

The citizens of our communities have been struggling with illegal game rooms for far too long. Thanks to our efforts, the City of Fort Worth now has an aggressive ordinance to help us fight those game rooms operating outside the boundaries of state law. The new, tougher rules set by the City Council last year are a product of a great deal of input from citizens, business as well as our police, code enforcement and legal teams. Iím confident that our new rules meet the spirit of state law.

Although the legal challenges will come, I make no apologies for the rules set in place. No matter the challenge, we will always err on the side of protecting our neighborhoods and the quality of life that we have come to enjoy here in Fort Worth.”

View Sketch Attempted Abduction

For Immediate Release

FORT WORTH, TX - Composite sketch attempted abduction

On January 6, 2014 at approximately 7:45 a.m., a female student was walking to the Hillwood Middle School at 8250 ParkwoodHill Boulevard when a white male, bald, with no facial hair pulled alongside her in a dark colored, smaller Chevrolet SUV. The male driver asked the female student if she needed a ride to school to which the student replied no. The male then asked the female student if she would like to pet his puppy. The female again said no and pulled out her cell phone at which time the male drove away.

The Fort Worth Police Department's Major Case Unit is investigating this incident and is requesting the public's assistance in identifying the suspect driving the dark colored SUV. A composite sketch has been attached to this release of the suspected driver of the vehicle. Anyone having information regarding this person is asked to call the Fort Worth Police Department at 817-335-4222.

Report #15-1595

View Escape Planning Tips

Escape Planning

There have been several house fires over the last several weeks in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. Please view the flyer for safety tips and additional information about making a plan for you and you loved ones to exit your home in case of fire.

Website FWPD North Division Newsletter

The January newsletter from the FWPD North Division is available.

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Affected Areas Park Glen Sidewalk Replacement

Park Glen

Park Glen Neighborhood Association has been notified by the City of Fort Worth that, as a result of the 2014 bond issue passed by tax payers, they will soon start replacing selected sidewalks in Park Glen. As part of the replacement project, trees associated with the identified sidewalk will be removed and WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

In order to keep you fully informed, your Board of Directors feels itís necessary to call a meeting for this important issue where a representative of the City of Fort Worth will answer any questions you may have. Once the date and time is set, we will place signs throughout the affected areas, we will post it on and on the Park Glen Neighborhood Association Facebook page.

Weíve provided here, a list of the planned affected areas. Please pass this very important issue along to your neighbors.

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Website West Nile Virus

Code Compliance

On October 30, 2014 we were informed by Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) there has been a confirmed West Nile Virus (WNV) positive mosquito sample. The positive mosquito sample was collected from the central area of Arcadia Trail Park.

Itís extremely important that residents continue to reduce the mosquito population by removing mosquito habitats from your property and to remind your neighbors.

We want to remind you that the most effective means of protection, even more protective than spraying, is to stay focused on the reduction of the mosquito population:

Website Ebola Virus Situation

Code Compliance

The City of Fort Worthís Office of Emergency Management is monitoring the situation that has recently been reported concerning the first human case of ebola virus disease in Dallas County. The Tarrant County Public Health Department is taking the lead locally in this case.

“We are closely monitoring the Ebola case in Dallas. There are no cases or known contacts in Tarrant County at this time,” said TCPH Health Director Vinny Taneja. “We feel confident that residents in our community are safe. Our team will continue to seek out the most updated information so we can to ensure the health and safety of everyone in Tarrant County. We intend to relay that information to the public through our website at” Taneja said. “We are prepared for any changes in the situation.”

BulletinTCPH has compiled a bulletin of useful information on ebola. You can find more information on the website and in the bulletin.

Water Scam Alert

Code Compliance

Residents Warned To Be Wary of Persons Posing as Water Department Employees

The Fort Worth Water Department advises residents to be suspicious of individuals posing as Water Department employees via the phone. This week the department received several complaints from customers indicating they were called by people posing as water employees. In all instances, Spanish- speaking customers were targeted.

All cases involve a man calling a customer to request payment for an overdue utility bill. The customer is told to get a money pack card from a local retailer for the specified amount and to then call a certain phone number to make the payment. Customers were also told they had a very short time frame to do this or the water would be disconnected. Individuals falsely claiming to be city employees are committing fraud.

Residents should call 817-335-4222 immediately to report the incident to the Fort Worth Police Department. The Water Department would also like to be called at 817-392-4477 to be made aware of these occurrences.

The only phone number to call for making payments to the Fort Worth Water Department is 817-392-4477. The secure system is automated and payment information is not provided to a live individual. The water department uses door tags to provide 24-notice to customers when water service is scheduled for disconnection for past due balances.

View Barking Dogs Barking Dogs Complaints

What can be done when the neighbor's dog barks excessively? The PID 6 Representative has provided a set of procedures to help with the problem.

View Traffic Advisories

Visit the North Tarrant Express website for information about lane closures and traffic conditions that affect travel around our community.

For information about upcoming lane closures and traffic-related news along NTTA roadways, view Scheduled Lane Closures on the NTTA website or call 817-207-0184.

Guidelines Suspicious Activity Awareness

It can be difficult to determine when to report something suspicious. People most familiar with a given environment are in the best position to determine whether or not something is out of the ordinary. Use common sense and read the guidelines.

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